In the Wild

Ninja Tune ZEN212LP
  • 2LP: Includes download
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FaltyDL's new album takes a course all the way from very contemporary, even footwork-informed productions to tracks, that bring to mind the mid-90ies with it's drum n bass, jazz and downbeat feel.

FaltyDL: In the Wild

Aquí, Port Lligat FaltyDL
New Haven FaltyDL
Uptight FaltyDL
Do Me FaltyDL
Greater Antilles, Part 1 FaltyDL
Nine FaltyDL
Frontin FaltyDL
Untitled 12 FaltyDL
Ahead the Ship Sleeps FaltyDL
Rolling FaltyDL
Dos Gardenias FaltyDL
Heart & Soul FaltyDL
Grief FaltyDL
In the Shit FaltyDL
Dånger FaltyDL
Some Jazz Shit FaltyDL
Greater Antilles, Part 2 FaltyDL

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