Rhich Prick Poor Dick

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After the boundary breaking, experimental excursions of recent LP In The Wild, Brooklyn-Based FaltyDL was hungry to return to the dancefloor music that made his name. That hunger shines though on his Rich Prick Poor Dick single - a sleek, stripped back duo of dancefloor stalkers.

The title track is propulsive, urgent techno with a nagging, trance-inflected melody, the song gradually building to epic intensity, its groove belying its 147 BPMs and its energy barely contained. Flipside "Bookaloo" eases back on the throttle, combining organic percussion with deep sub-bass and machine-music melodies to irresistible effect.

Rich Prick Poor Dick marks the welcome return of one of the dance music's most inventive talents, with a pair of all-thrills, no-frills, 21st century club tracks.

FaltyDL: Rhich Prick Poor Dick

Rich Prick Poor Dick FaltyDL
Bookaloo FaltyDL

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