Substance B

Ostgut Ton O-Ton 102
  • 12”: Includes download
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Fiedel joins Ostgut Ton with his new Substance B 12“
Where to start besides pointing out that Fiedel's debut solo release on Ostgut Ton has been long in the coming, and that it’s a glorious one at the same time. The Berlin-Brandenburg native was there when the wall came down, started DJing in the 1990s at Subversiv, began producing with Errorsmith as MMM in 1996, held a residency at OstGut from 2000 on, continued doing so at Berghain since 2004, runs his own labels Fiedelone and Fiedeltwo, used to work at Hard Wax record store and is a mainstay at Wax Treatment and Killasan Soundsystem.
The old hand of Berlin's Techno scene now presents himself fresh and in top form with his first full-length O-TON record, following up on his already intense contributions to our compilations Fünf (2010), Various (2013) and Ostgut Ton | Zehn (2015) with an even stronger three-tracker. Fiedel's production style breathes the spirit from the early days of Techno music: blending genres and techniques, not focussing on a narrow musical narrative, combining Techno, Acid, Electro, Jungle, Boogie, Dub music and Broken Beats. Substance B is the logical consequence of being an avid vinyl-focussed DJ, experienced producer and a meticulous sound engineer: a compelling sound for a modern age.

Fiedel: Substance B

substance_b Fiedel
track_432 Fiedel
s_drive Fiedel

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