Final Club

Blank Entertainment

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FINAL CLUB from DENTON, TX feat members of several Denton bands (including Teenage Cool Kids.) Final Club play sneery, melodic indie rock with a tendency to lean on the tremolo bar. Confident and loud. It also reminds me sometimes on Les Savy Fav and other 90s mathy rock w/ a great garage edge ... it's catchy and edgy at the same time. A great debut record.

All records come w/ heavy cardboard covers, printed innersleeves and digital download card!

Final Club: Blank Entertainment

Tragic World Final Club 4'03''
Buy Into It Final Club 5'14''
Wizard Wells Final Club 3'14''
Recap Final Club 6'17''
Blank Final Club 2'23''
Surfing with the Devil Final Club 2'46''
Bad Habits Final Club 5'06''
Blank Entertainment Final Club 5'07''
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