Final Fantasy

Has A Good Home

Tomlab Tom054
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Has A Good Home is the first album from Final Fantasy, the solo project of Owen Pallett, guitarist and vocalist from Toronto's Les Mouches (as well as a member of Internet, The Jim Guthrie Band, Picastro, ex-Hidden Cameras, ex-King Tut). Final Fantasy sets aside the fractured, ultra-dynamic panic-folk of Les Mouches in favour of clever arrangement, catchy hooks and euphoric meldoy. Performing by himself with only his violin and looping pedal Owen manages to build up the most complex and wonderful songs.

Note: This release appears in close collaboration with the Blocks Recording Club ( from Toronto that has already released this album in Canada. Recorded by nascent genius Mighty Leon in less than a week Has A Good Home is perhaps the most fully-realised Blocks Recording Club record to date. Tomlab is now rereleasing this record on a worldwide scale as an introduction to his follow up album that is on the way for fall 2005.

Long recognised as Toronto's #1 Arranger for Strings for rock and roll bands Owen has realised arrangements for Do Make Say Think, The Jim Guthrie Band, Royal City, Gentlemen Reg, The Phonemes and most recently The Arcada Fire's top rated Funeral LP. Yet as well regarded as his professional work is, Owen's strongest work is that that he does for himself. Tales of ancient burial grounds underneath the CN Tower, songs that eat their creators and Freedom 55 Insurance Policies are woven into an epic and mythic from derived from the years of nerdy Teenage role-playing games. Final Fantasy is both more beautiful and more unique than most thought possible.

Final Fantasy has been opening for The Arcade Fire at various sold out shows all over America and is going to support the band on their European Tour in May 2005.
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