Off / On

Spectrum Spools SP024CD
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OFF/ON is an evolutionary act of fissure, the opening of a rift in FORMA’s sonic landscape. The second LP from the Brooklyn cosmic synth trio of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett, OFF/ON’s universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive than 2011’s critically acclaimed S/T. Recorded at the renowned Schoolhouse space in Bushwick, OFF/ON combines swirling arpeggiations, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed Motorik rhythms to conjure an atmosphere of entropic propulsion by unseen forces. Yet the emotional summits of OFF/ON are greater than those of its predecessor, its crystalline melodic peaks made more pronounced by the shadowed depths below. It is this synthesis that gives OFF/ON its singular vision; a sense of unity forged by its own inner tensions.

Forma: Off / On

OFF Forma 4'58''
FORMA313 Forma 59''
FORMA278 Forma 3'53''
FORMA286B Forma 4'38''
FORMA306C Forma 3'51''
MEÌ CANIQUE Forma 11'11''
FORMA339_333 Forma 1'32''
FORMA293 Forma 3'12''
FORMA358 Forma 1'26''
FORMA315 Forma 4'56''

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