Freddy Fresh


Forced Nostalgia FN072
  • 12”: Ltd. edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl inside PE Sleeve
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Legendary DJ/producer/author Freddy Fresh (aka DJ Hud, Modulator, Nitrate, etc) is an American techno/acid/breakbeat icon who has released 100's of records on labels such as Nu Groove Records, EXperimental, Labworks, Adrenalin , Harthouse, Eye Q, etc. and of course his own Electric Music Foundation and Analog Records. He has worked and collaborated with respected techno artists such as Woody McBride, Mike Henk, Tim Taylor, Auto Kinetic, Damon Wild, Biochip C., DJ Hyperactive, Dr Walker, Brixton, Andre Estrada, DJ Slip and many more.

Comacid EP features 4 archival tracks originally recorded and released in the mid-90’s. Obscure and sought-after "Space Funk" available on vinyl for first time! Vintage analog gear only; TR 909 / TR 606 Roland System 100M, EMS VCS3, ARP 2600, TB 303 (several), Jupiter 8, Korg DSS1.

Freddy Fresh: Comacid

Slow Death Freddy Fresh
Space Funk Freddy Fresh
Scared Freddy Fresh
Binder Freddy Fresh

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