Improvisations EP

Rvng Intl RVNGNL22
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Following the great unspooling of 2013’s Syndrome Syndrome, Gardland and RVNG Intl. step back into the duo’s not-so-distant past with Improvisations, three live performances ripped from local Austrailian radio show Spiral Sounds in early 2012. The aural impetus behind the artists and label joining forces, this triptych of tone lashed tracks captures the duo in exhilarating, uninhibited form.
Unintended for an audience outside of the provincial FM dial riders, Improvisations blisters at its hardware-imposed limits with enough energy to fuel freakish frequencies. “0214? offers a wide survey of the duo’s exploratory inclination, igniting with sparse sputters and clicks before the growling groove rips into fifth gear for an expansive 15 minute drive. The flip predicts the immediacy and potency of Syndrome Syndrome with an early take on “Katarakt” (here named “0315?) and the desiccated, teleological frenzy of “0214 Pt.2?.
Gardland’s evolution has thus far defined itself by the free form nature this 12? embodies, the curated reduction on Syndrome Syndrome and a full-blown unpredictability on stage. Alex Murray and Mark Smith chase the listless shape of an ever expanding, never coalescing logic with no devotion too dear to sacrifice for the following of future’s path.

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