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The newest record produced by the group of three – Ghedalia Tazartes, Pawel Romanczuk, and Andrzej Zaleski – is the result of only a few meet ups and a shared passion for music that shapes their perspective. The long play was recorded at the Rogalów Analogowy studio in the eastern part of Poland. It's worth noting that the space and surrounding countryside did not influence the sound itself as the record drifts away from the traditions of chamber music.

The musicians, together as well as separately, avoid any mainstream influences. Thus, the acoustic record is peaceful, spiritual and presents a wide variety of notions and emotions. The diversified vocal articulation and tone of Tazartes intertwines well with Zaleski's percussive play and Romanczuk’s multi-instrumental skills. The rhythmic pulsation is constantly taking new directions, eventually turning into noise at some point. The voice, somehow dramatic, traps the listeners and sends them on a journey through non-existent quasi-stories. Here we are, facing an elusive romantic magician personified by a carp-headed cat.

French cult artist Ghédalia Tazartès is an uncompromising character who defies categorization. He recorded alone a dozen of albums, calling his way of working “Impromuz” for lack of a better term. Before the years 2000s, his public appearances remained exceptional events. Ghédalia Tazartès’ music has always been a mystery. It switches from musique concrète to – existing or invented – ethnic music, from poetry to noise, or from loops and collages to sad and extremely beautiful tunes in a second, but it constantly is in flux and coherent.
In 2004, Ghedalia finally decided to do live performances again. He first worked with other musicians (Les Reines d’Angleterre, David Fenech & Jac Berrocal, Norscq & Black Sifichi, Nicolas Lelièvre) and is now a solo performing artist (although his very young son sometimes joins him on stage!).
Since 2009 Tazartes played many shows across Europe. After performing a cinemix to the strange “Haxan” film in 2008,  he  presented in February 2013 a new solo show at CTM in Berlin Festival to a packed HAU2. The new show is based around the music of Tazartes’ lattest album ‘Coda Lunga.’ Says Tazartes: ‘I thought I had only played for 5 minutes in Berlin… then I realised I had been going on for more than one  hour!’

Pawel Romanczuk - musician, composer. Since 2006, he works within the field of unusual sounds sources. Romanczuk is a founder of the Polish artistic group Male Instrumenty with whom he recorded 10 albums. He composed several film soundtracks and collaborated with significant theatre houses. He's also famous for the various instruments, sound and audio installations he builds on his own.
In 2010, he published the first study on the history of the instrument toy piano.
In 2013, he wrote the book "Domowe eksperymenty z instrumentami muzycznymi" that was published together with his band's album “Samorobka”. The publication became a guide to the process of creating hand-made and experimental musical instruments. He collaborated with Pierre Bastien, Margaret Leng Tan, Piotr Kurek, Nao Nishihara, Ksiezyc and Za Siódma Góra, Cezary Duchnowski, Andrzej Bauer.
He conducts workshops, lectures and develops exhibitions on the role of instruments and sound experiments. His music collaboration with Andrzej Zaleski and Ghedalia Tazartes started back in 2014; however, he was familiar with their music for quite a time.

Andrzej Zaleski – musician, filmmaker, curator.
He collaborated with: Ghedalia Tazartes, Aspec(t), Joe Giardullo, Eugene Chadbourne, Charles Hayward, John Hegre, Tatsuya Yoshida, Pavel Fajt, Sylvie Courvoisier, Vinz Vonlanthen, Male Instrumenty, Johannes Bergmark, Ralf Wehovsky, Jerzy Mazzoll, Andrzej Przybielski, Komora A, Jacek Staniszewski, Robert Nizinski (Ksiezyc) among many others.
He also played in bands like: Multicide, Mitch and Mitch, 3 Metry, Za Siódma Góra.
Cofounder of the theater group Komuna Otwock, collaborated with the Gardzienice Theater and Akademia Ruchu Theater.
Filmmaker ( The nature documentary series for Animal Planet and TVP2 ), experimental films.
Since 1993 he works as music curator of the “Program Strefa”, at the Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.

Ghédalia Tazartès, Pawel Romanczuk, Andrzej Zaleski: Carp's Head

Danse Inverse Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 4'27''
You'll Be Wise Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 6'19''
Zither Song Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 3'42''
Orient Calling Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 1'51''
Wolves and Birds Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 3'39''
Wild East Blues Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 9'34''
Dobra nasza Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 4'35''
The Far Horizon Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 7'37''
The End of Western World Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 2'32''
Wolves and Birds Part 2 (Bonus) Ghédalia Tazartès/Pawel Romanczuk/Andrzej Zaleski 7'58''

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