Giardini Di Mirò

Good Luck

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Giardini di Mirò really needs no introduction. Hailing from Cavriago, Italy, a small town near Reggio Emilia, the band released its first EP in 1998 and not only put out a ton of records ever since, but has been touring both Italy and the rest of Europe like crazy. So far, the band has released four full-length albums, the discography however also includes a multitude of EPs, remixes and exclusive tracks for compilations. While not working with the band, GDM's members engage in solo projects, tapping into sounds and genres, one would not necessarily expect from a band deeply routed in guitar music. The band also collaborated with and commissioned remixes from artists like Cyne, Dntl, Hood, Alias, Apparat, Piano Magic, Opiate, Isan and Herrmann & Kleine. Giardini Di Mirò has been on City Centre Offices' watch ever since the band started out. In 2010, CCO finally started to work with GDM, releasing the critically accaimed "Il fuoco", the band's soundtrack for Giovanni Pastrone's silent movie from 1915. As a first release in 2012, City Centre Offices now releases "Good Luck", the band's first proper studio album since 2007.
Good Luck (explained in the band's own words):
There is something spiritual in the Emilian countryside, made of minimalism, simplicity, geometry, natural lines guiding the eyes. Our album was recorded and mixed in San Prospero – Correggio, near Reggio Emilia (Italy), not far from where CCCP recorded their master piece “Epica Etica Etnica Pathos”, an album which has been considered to be a milestone in the italian alternative culture for the last 25 years. We put our memories in a special little drawer. A drawer we opened up again and again while writing “Good Luck”. It’s a surprising little box: details, places, people, expressions, long sequences, intrusive strangers, familiar faces. Every musician knows how much time is spent in the van and how many things go through one's head travelling from one gig to the next, putting the foot down on the motorway, trying to make it in time. From Munich to Berlin, from Luxembourg to Milan. It all just seems endless. Some songs on the new album were written, refined and tested, while we were on tour, but the record got its special flavour when we went into the studio. The flavour of our homeland, the scent of its earth, visions of its open spaces, straight lines, huge landscapes, unconscious or intentional parallelism between modern life and a farm, a dairy, a piggery. The fifth album in our discography has been recorded like it was homemade, in a private place among close friends. Ever since we started out as a band, we've loved collaborating with friends we value and we are proud of. "Good Luck" is no exception. Sara Lov (Devics) sings on "There Is A Place", Stefano Pilia plays guitar on "Spurious Love", Angela Baraldi sings on both "Spurious Love" and "Rome". Without their precious contributions, "Good Luck" would not be what it is. “Good Luck”? After all, it is 2012. And after our very own "Il fuoco" (the fire), after what happend on the global markets, after all "Dividing Opinions", we wish everyone good luck. We all need it.

Giardini Di Mirò: Good Luck

Memories Giardini Di Mirò 2'36''
Spurious Love Giardini Di Mirò 5'06''
Ride Giardini Di Mirò 4'00''
There Is A Place Giardini Di Mirò 3'34''
Good Luck Giardini Di Mirò 4'20''
Rome Giardini Di Mirò 6'32''
Time On Time Giardini Di Mirò 5'48''
Flat Heart Society Giardini Di Mirò 6'52''

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