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After issuing some 200 or so tapes in the last five years, artist collective Ascetic House have finally deployed their first salvo of vinyl editions, now available in Europe for the first time.

Glochids: A melancholy and wistful suite of patchwork electronics, field recordings, acoustic and midi percussion, something like K. Leimer and Marc Berreca via Bellows or Basic House.

Mastered by Joshua Eustis and Giuseppe Ielasi, with artwork design by JS Aurelius, these LP's are housed in reverse board full color jackets lined with high gloss black flood printing.

Glochids: Ni Fila

Mossoão Glochids
Expense One Glochids
Comma Loop Glochids
Washiir Pulse Glochids
Village Glochids
Net Glochids
KPOCC No. 2 Glochids
Net (Orgel) Glochids
Benni Hemm Hemm Retaliate Kimi Records
CDEP: €3,00 €5,99
10”: €3,00 €5,99
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Basic Rhythm The Basics Type Vinyl
LP: €8,50 €16,99
incl. instant DL
R Man Of War Opal Tapes
MC: €5,00 €9,99
incl. instant DL