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'Post Self'is simultaneously inventive and classic Godflesh. The blue and icy atmosphere of ‘Post Self’ can reach levels touched on in the happenings of early 90’s Norway innovations. From the opening track it’s clear that the vocal performance is Justin Broadrick’s best in ages, utilizing new approaches ranging from higher tortured screams to truly brutal and barbaric low roars not heard since ‘Street Cleaner’.

Within those extremes, mystically effected vocals coming from an industrial corner support the classic ‘post punk’ style voice that became a hallmark dating all the way back to ‘Head of David’ as well as the bonus tracks heard on the ‘Street Cleaner’ cd version and the ultimate hypnotic Godflesh track ‘Flowers’.

Throughout the whole of the record is a pervasive cold that settles into the atmosphere of ‘Post Self’ under which nasty and vile machine rhythms create an 80’s nighttime rainy streets groove.

Dark, hard, heartbreaking and beautiful, ‘Post Self’ feels like the culmination of all of Broadrick’s various musical interests and achievements in his 30 years of dedication to subcultural music: industrial, noise, post punk, ambient, extreme metal, bass music, and much much more... but it is also quintessential Godflesh in its monumental and timeless feeling of existentialism and the human condition.

‘A World Lit Only By Fire’ was Godflesh’s mortal return - but ‘Post Self’ feels like Godflesh’s immortal SOUL.

Godflesh: Post Self

Post Self Godflesh
Parasite Godflesh
No Body Godflesh
Mirror Of Finite Light Godflesh
Be God Godflesh
The Cyclic End Godflesh
Pre Self Godflesh
Mortality Sorrow Godflesh
In Your Shadow Godflesh
The Infinite End Godflesh

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