Red Man K's Bedrifter - Goodiepal Live, Chapel Hill 2002

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In 2001, Peter Rehberg (then of Mego) asked Goodiepal if he would be interested in 'doing something'.
One day in 2013, a large package arrived containing lacquers for a double vinyl LP. The Goodipal Mego album: delivered as lacquers ? and not a wetransfer link. To actually hear the audio the lacquers were sent to plant and made into test pressings, which revealed three sides of audio from a concert in Chapel Hill, NC in 2002. Not exactly 11 in years in the making but more like 11 years in the waiting. The fourth side is made up of a letter to Peter Rehberg etched onto the vinyl explaining amongts other things 'the longer a message have to travel over time the more importance you can add to it'
With this in mind this release has no 'digital footprint' and is made available only as a phyiscal vinyl LP in gatefold cover. Goodiepal. PLEASE NOTE: In the long journey to get this music to you the lacquers got knocked about a bit, this means there WILL be some surface noise and/or pops and clicks!

Goodiepal: Red Man K's Bedrifter - Goodiepal Live, Chapel Hill 2002

Excerpt A Goodiepal 5'08''
Excerpt B Goodiepal 4'10''
Excerpt C Goodiepal 2'08''

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