Opal Tapes OPAL103
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Gosheven is the solo project of Balint Szabo, a musician who has developed his guitar's voice against it?s typical confinement. Where the fundamentally out-of-tune Western tuning has withheld some musicians in its history, Gosheven has researched and concerned himself with just intonation and other non-typical tuning systems for this debut release on Opal Tapes. Balancing blunted poetics and an intimate self-analysis of his place in sexual society, guitar, voice and elegant processing tell a story of metamorphosis and realisation of what is important in our short lives.

Gosheven: Leaper

Island Of Unknown Joys Gosheaven 4'38''
Whisper Of The Valley Breeze Gosheaven 1'59''
Descent Gosheaven 2'16''
Well Tuned Dreams Gosheaven 3'46''
Levitation Gosheaven 1'31''
Memory Failure Gosheaven 3'55''
Excluded And Abused Gosheaven 3'21''
Ascent Gosheaven 1'00''
The Bad Spirit (Who Made Me Do It) Gosheaven 2'28''
Sublime Fragility Gosheaven 4'46''
Waves Of Innocence Gosheaven 4'43''
Unbalanced Holiness Gosheaven 1'02''

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