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Over the course of seven years, British born and Berlin based composer Greg Haines has carved out an intensely beautiful corner in the vast and ever-growing musical world. He has surprised music lovers around the globe with his unique and overtly personal approach to creating and performing a very patient and contemplative music, and with his numerous projects with other musicians and choreographers, including 2012's collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet and choreographer David Dawson, and his ongoing work with The Alvaret Ensemble.

Perhaps his greatest contributions to the sonic world are three definitive solo albums, each on a different cult record labels. These striking works are now collected and rightfully presented as three movements of a singular musical vision in the box-set "2006-2012", which also marks the first time that they all are available on vinyl.

Slumber Tides (Miasmah, 2006) is Greg's debut album, recorded and released when he was merely a teenager, seemingly tapping into a timeless wisdom where age makes no difference. It might have made more sense if Slumber Tides was the work of a composer at the end of his life, creating that final display of all the things he wanted to say but for some reason never did ... but since we love things that don't make sense, many music lovers around the world embraced the reserved yet bold music of this fresh young talent. The five sprawling tracks here introduce not only Greg's knack for experimentation with different instruments and atmospheric textures, but also his gift for heartbreaking compositions, perhaps only comparable to the ground-shaking works of Arvo Pärt.

Until The Point Of Hushed Support (Sonic Pieces, 2010) is something of a departure from the more isolated soundscapes of Slumber Tides, is comprised of a single long-form composition in four parts, with a core of five string players recorded live in Berlin's Grunewald Church. Whereas the first album comes across as a curious exploration of sound, Until The Point Of Hushed Support is a bold statement from a music lover who spent four years refining his craft. The beauty in this music is an ancient one, one which is only reached with dedication and patience.

Digressions (Preservation, 2012) finds Greg returning to his own studio, delving more and more into the infinite possibilities of music production, where tiny accidental sounds can become emotional sonic moments, while adding recordings from a large student ensemble. Here, hints of woodwinds and brass are added to the instrumental palette of the first two albums. A universe of homemade sounds combine with processed layers of texture sourced from others players, such as the distinctive violin of Iden Reinhart, culminating in breathtaking crescendos which always seem to last just the right amount of time.

Greg Haines: 2006 - 2012

Snow Airport Greg Haines 4'59''
Submergence Greg Haines 9'51''
Tired Diary (Revised) Greg Haines 12'59''
Arups Gate Greg Haines 10'41''
Caesura Greg Haines 7'39''
Industry vs. Inferiority Greg Haines 4'13''
Marc's Descent Greg Haines 10'45''
In The Event Of A Sudden Loss Greg Haines 14'06''
Until The Point Of Least Resistance Greg Haines 18'53''
Ernetti Greg Haines 3'47''
Caden Cotard Greg Haines 12'56''
183 Times Greg Haines 9'08''
Azure Greg Haines 14'14''
Nueblo Pueblo Greg Haines 15'28''

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