Grykë Pyje

Fragments Of High Sensitivity

Ikuisuus IKU-043
  • LP: Ltd. to 200 copies
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The title of the record combined with the organic paraphernalia may provoke the image of a „touch me not“, a sensitive plant. That's a bit misleading since Grykë Pyje, the duo of Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin), are not exactly fussy when it comes to bustle around with a lot of stuff - sometimes not exactly musical instruments. Together they built a soundworld as colorful and detailed as a field of flowers in the summer. On first sight one may be overwhelmed by the vast amount of impressions but the more time one takes the more detail can be experienced. So, enter the world of Grykë Pyje, get lost in a lovely and psychedelic pasture, but be careful: don't step on the daisies! - Holger Adam

Grykë Pyje: Fragments Of High Sensitivity

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