Holo Earth

Opal Tapes Opal049
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Jimmy Billingham returns to Opal Tapes with Holo Earth, the first HOLOVR LP. The two sides comprise of blended suites covering Billinghams past working with tapes and hardware into a future of more complex composition and convolving sample work. At times the record is sweet, drums bounce and bip with filigrees of synth whirling through like wind in a bottle. At other points the record empties and the lonely pulse of Venn Rain (Jimmy's earlier project) is felt most strongly. Estranged and blue lipped, the field recordings of alien environments litter the blur emerging. A haunting listen.

HOLOVR: Holo Earth

Bubble Glade HOLOVR
Native Iron HOLOVR
Desert Varnish HOLOVR
Ground Flash HOLOVR
Data Mine HOLOVR
Powder Cave HOLOVR
Core Value HOLOVR

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