Songs For Coco

Opal Tapes OPAL123
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A six track suite of other worldly beauty from the tabletop electronics of Stefan Paul Goetsch AKA Hainbach. "Songs For Coco" utilises the unique Cocoquantus effects system designed by Ciat Lombarde. The signature lo-fi cascading delays of this instrument become the signature to an utterly haunting and deeply personal album wherein Hainbach doesn't seem to "play" anything, rather the album feels like a microphone recording of some other dimension.

Sepia and rose tinted, perfumed and utterly melancholic, while ambient in many ways the music undulates against a coarse grain of distortion which never allows for somniferous descent but a sharpening and luring to come and listen closer.

"Songs for Coco" follows last years "No Need For Rain" release on Opal Tapes and a string of other beautiful music on Spring Break and Limited Interest labels.

Hainbach: Songs For Coco

Friends I Lost Hainbach
What We Made Hainbach
We Meet, To End Hainbach
Kammerflimmern Hainbach
The Dreamer In Her Hainbach
Raw Bones Hainbach

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