Happy Meals

Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony

So Low OM So Low LP 001
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Optimo Music presents a new offshoot label, So Low, named after the night of the same name in Glasgow run by Becky Marshall, Iona McHale, JD Twitch and Katie Shambles.

The inaugural release is from Glasgow's much-loved Happy Meals, a duo comprised of Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook.

Full Ashram is the name of Happy Meals' recording studio. The Devotional Ceremony is Happy Meals connecting with their cosmic inner selves. They realise their Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony on vinyl (and digital) banishing demons, devils and ill will. Devote your soul to the positive forces before the misguided, suffering spirits pull you down and wipe you out.

While the album is comprised of individual tracks segueing into each other, for full salvation it is recommended to be listened to as one continuous piece.

Happy Meals: Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony

excerpt 01 Happy Meals 35''
excerpt 02 Happy Meals 2'03''
excerpt 03 Happy Meals 1'40''
excerpt 04 Happy Meals 1'31''
excerpt 06 Happy Meals 58''
excerpt 07 Happy Meals 25''

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