Happy Rhodes


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The first authoritative compilation of American dream pop artist Happy Rhodes, whose singular songwriting and four-octave vocal range emanated from the pastoral confines of upstate New York in the 1980s. Her melding of classical music influences with synthesizer and acoustic guitar, and her enchanting and idiosyncratic singing, are favorably compared to heralded English chanteuse Kate Bush. Fans of such artistic pop music would be remiss to overlook Rhodes’s similarly remarkable and otherworldly sonic transmissions, traversing tales of dreamers, outsiders, lovers and other lovely and terrifying creatures born of a wellspring of wild creativity and bold imagination. Affectionately remastered from the original tapes, Ectotrophia gathers essential songs from Rhodes’s mid-’80s salad days, many written when she was just a teenager — wildly ahead of her time and unafraid to bare her soul to regional audiences, the ectophiles who’d eventually coin an entire subgenre of pop music in her honor. Dive deep into ecto, with the woman who started it all.

Happy Rhodes: Ectotrophia

Oh the Drears Happy Rhodes
I Cannot Go On Happy Rhodes
Would That I Could Happy Rhodes
Where Do I Go Happy Rhodes
For We Believe Happy Rhodes
When the Rain Came Down Happy Rhodes
If Love Is a Game, I Win Happy Rhodes
I'm Not Awake, I'm Not Asleep Happy Rhodes
Baby Don't Go Happy Rhodes
Come Here Happy Rhodes
Don't Want to Hear It Happy Rhodes
If So Happy Rhodes
I'll Let You Go Happy Rhodes
Because I Learn Happy Rhodes
I Am a Legend Happy Rhodes
Perfect Irony Happy Rhodes
Many Nights Happy Rhodes
To Be E Mortal Happy Rhodes

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