Room To Expand (Expanded)

130701 FAT 13-06 LPX
  • 2LP : Includes Download, Gatefold Sleeve
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The significantly expanded double-vinyl reissue of Hauschka’s debut album for 130701, ‘Room To Expand’ was released as a Record Store Day 2016 exclusive. Originally released in February 2007 as a twelve-track CD-only album, the album has been repackaged and extended with the addition of six previously-unreleased exclusive tracks, and has been made available on vinyl for the first time ever – arriving with new artwork, liner notes insert, a full download coupon and gatefold packaging.

Upon its original release, Hauschka was the little-known alias of Dusseldorf–based pianist / composer Volker Bertelmann, who had previously released two albums on the Berlin-based Karaoke Kalk label – ‘Substantial’ (2004) and ‘The Prepared Piano’ (2005). At that stage, and indeed around the original release of ‘Room To Expand’, Volker had received little press attention and we initially struggled to find traction until eventually finding engaged agents and opportunities to get Volker in front of live audiences. In contrast to the past few years, which have seen a rapid expansion in the audience for post-classical adventuring and piano-based composition, at the time there was no real cohesive scene or sizeable audience for such music. Yet despite making only modest early gains on it, ‘Room To Expand’ was the album that in many ways laid the groundwork for Hauschka’s future success. Its very title suggested a frankly-articulated portent of future growth for the artist – both creatively, technically and in popularity.

Hauschka: Room To Expand (Expanded)

La Dilettante Hauschka
Paddington Hauschka
One Wish Hauschka
Chicago Morning Hauschka
Kleine Dinge Hauschka
Belgrade Hauschka
Sweet Spring Come Hauschka
Femmeassise Hauschka
Watercolour Milk Hauschka
Zahnluecke Hauschka
Fjorde Hauschka
Old Man Playing Boules Hauschka
Zooviertel Hauschka
Slow Motion Hauschka
Run Run Hauschka
Fragments Hauschka
Sitze Hauschka
Vakuum One Hauschka

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