The Diet

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HeCTA, short for Here Comes The Aeroplane, is the brainchild of Kurt Wagner, Ryan Norris and Scott Martin of Lambchop, but don't call it a "side-project"!

HeCTA is rather an "expanded universe"! Exploring and experimenting with the idea of combining the notion of “song”, elements from stand up comedy, electronic music and a shared love of the electronic form and it’s many permutations, HeCTA and the album “The Diet” does not sound like anything these guys have done before.

HeCTA: The Diet

Till Someone Gets Hurt HeCTA
Sympathy for the Auto Industry HeCTA
Prettyghetto HeCTA
Like You re Worth It HeCTA
The Concept HeCTA
Change Is in Our Pocket HeCTA
We Are Glistening HeCTA
Give Us Your Names HeCTA
We Bitched We Bovvered And We Buildered HeCTA

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