Planet Mu ZIQ372CD
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Herva is the artist name of Hervè Atsè Corti. He lives in relative seclusion in the Italian countryside around Florence and creates house and techno that doesn't adhere to the usual influences of Detroit, Chicago or Berlin.

This album was put together using software and hardware that he often modifies, with a mixture of beats and samples punched in like old-school hip hop and synths and effects that give his tracks the feeling of music that's been teased apart, smudged and smeared.

The album moves across tempos, from the floaty upbeat disco of "All Good On Your Side' to the full throttle electro of "Seat Behind Mirrors" which gently gives away to a looping Burundi vocal.

Then down to the old-school hip hop and wonky ooze of istakes Dealer'. The track "Fading Above Smoke", is held in place by a repeating drum pattern while synths and samples scrape and wrap themselves around the rhythm.

"Dust Cover" approaches the sound of early Pole, as if it had been described to him but never heard, sending digital grit and glitches across a low-slung bassline and opaque dubbed-out chords.

The album finishes on the overloaded climax of "Fog", which runs awkwardly edited samples over a loose drum tattoo, with enough restraint to keep the track flowing.

Herva: Kila

All Good On Your Side Herva
Trying To Fix Invisible Textures Herva
Seat Behind Mirrors Herva
Kila Herva
Video Volume Herva
Mistakes Dealer (Solid State) Herva
Disk Atk Herva
Fading Above Smoke Herva
Dust Cover Herva
Fog Herva

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