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For the first time since 2016, Jamal Moss has pitched up on Soul Jazz with a typically eccentric and mind-altering full-length excursion. As you'd expect, The Red Room is another triumph - an inspirational collection of otherworldly and melodious cuts that effortlessly combine elements from Moss's many major inspirations. One minute, you're wigging out to his jacking, piano-heavy fusion of gospel house and synth-jazz ("The Seduction Syndrome"), the next he's laying down a chunk of deep space ambient with Terry Riley synthesizer cycles ("Awake and Energize"). And so it goes on, breathlessly joining the dots between Sun Ra, Juan Atkins, Adonis, Steve Reich, L.I.E.S and Jeff Mills while sounding thoroughly different to all of them.

Hieroglyphic Being: The Red Notes

Youth Brainwashing & The Extremist Cults Hieroglyphic Being
The Melody Lingers Hieroglyphic Being
The Seduction Syndrome Hieroglyphic Being
Awake & Energize Hieroglyphic Being
Video Jazz Hieroglyphic Being
The Red Notes Hieroglyphic Being
The Emotional Listener Hieroglyphic Being
The Red Notebook Hieroglyphic Being
The Tone Bather Hieroglyphic Being

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