High-Functioning Flesh

A Unity Of Miseries - A Misery Of Unities

DKA Records DKA008
  • EP: Ltd. edition third pressing on solid yellow vinyl
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HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH is an electro-punk act from Los Angeles, USA, in the vein of bands like Portion Control and Cabaret Voltaire, as executed by electronic body mutants GREG VAND and SUSAN SUBTRACT. Their unique hard beating electronics is heavily infused with body horror and seeks to revive us from our spectacle-induced coma. Unlike the swarm of revival, retro, and oldschool bands out there hoping to capture your nostalgia or naivety, HFF is looking to pump your bodies and refresh your mind from the tired beat. After playing their first show April 6th, where they sold out of their demo cassette and literally brought the plaster ceiling down, HFF have since assaulted the West Coast with their all hardware performance that is both raw and aggressive while maintaining infectious pop sensibilities and catchy punishing dance hooks.

High-Functioning Flesh: A Unity Of Miseries - A Misery Of Unities

Video DNA Gestalt High-Functioning Flesh
Flash Memory High-Functioning Flesh
Rigid Embrace High-Functioning Flesh
Touch Oblivion Icon High-Functioning Flesh
Self-Management High-Functioning Flesh
Glowing, Dripping High-Functioning Flesh
The Deal High-Functioning Flesh

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