The Apple Tree

Ghost Box GBX023CD
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The Apple Tree is the first LP from Hintermass following their Study Series single for Ghost Box in 2011. The duo comprises Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Tim Felton (formerly of Broadcast and Seeland). Both are multi instrumentalists, lending the album its rich texture of electronics, guitar, keyboards, percussion and exotic acoustic instrumentation. The sound is completed by Felton’s rich, warm vocals and Brook’s immaculate production.

The Apple Tree is primarily a pop album; mannered and serene with strong electronic and folk sensibilities. This is balanced by expertly handled abstract sketches and instrumental pieces.

Both artists cite the kosmiche music of Ash-ra and Popul Vuh and their simultaneous re-discovery of the music of Nico as strong influences on the album. The songs also have clear roots in both traditional and psychedelic folk.

Hintermass: The Apple Tree

Apple Tree Hintermass
The Rituals Of Reversal Hintermass
From Leaving In Meaning Hintermass
Rain For A While Hintermass
While Away Hintermass
Apple Tree Reprise Hintermass
Patterns Somewhere Hintermass
Electric Hintermass Hintermass
Weicher Hintermass
Electric Element Hintermass
Uncertain Hintermass
Luftglider Hintermass

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