Carnal Lust And Carnivorous Eating

Rotted Tooth RTR029
  • LP : Edition of 200 numbered copies, silkscreened Jacket, incl. Insert, black Vinyl
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"Chicago proto-industrial duo Hogg use electronics, guitar, bass, and their own distorted voices to create burning beds of skronk 'n' awe—this wolf thinks their 2015 tape, Bury the Dog Deeper (via Andy Ortmann's Nihilist Records), was one of the year's most unsettling local listens. On Saturday, January 16, Rotted Tooth Recordings releases an expanded, retitled LP version, Carnal Lust & Carnivorous Eating, that includes two new tracks." - Chicago Reader

"a band that's sure to either terrify or delight you with their doomy, industrial noise-punk." - Empty Bottle

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