House And Land

House And Land

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House and Land is the duo of Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle, shruti box, banjo, vocals) and Sarah Louise Henson (vocals, 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki).

On their self-titled debut, the duo showcase a variety of Appalachian music styles, incorporating elements of drone, microtonality and minimalism, each often drawing connections to nature, and linked to music across a spectrum that evokes trance and other spiritual states, which can also be seen in artists like Agnes Martin and composers such as Éliane Radigue and John Luther Adams. The material on their debut is drawn from traditional southern hymns and Appalachian ballads that originated in England and elsewhere hundreds of years ago. Microtonality is as essential to certain Appalachian vocal styles as it is to a Tony Conrad composition and the often spare adornment to their singing puts these complexities on full display.

“Rooted in Appalachian music, yet taken by the whims of the forest, [Sarah Louise's] guitar mimics flowers on water, sudden gusts of wind and other rhythms of the natural world.” - NPR

On The Black Twig Pickers:
"A brilliant statement on where traditional American and folk music is, the promise and energy it contains, and where it could go. Which is to say, in the hands of these musicians, anywhere." - PopMatters

House And Land: House And Land

Wandering Boy House And Land
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah House And Land
False True Lover House And Land
Listen to the Roll House And Land
The Day is Past and Gone House And Land
Home Over Yonder House And Land
Johnny House And Land
Rich Old Jade House And Land
Feather Dove House And Land
Unquiet Grave House And Land

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