Hvíld og Ró

Gledileg Jol Fra Glatarvita

Galtarviti VITI001CD
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Hvíld og Ró (Rest and Calm) - Gledileg Jol Fra Glatarvita is a Christmas album that tries to slow down the madness surrounding the festival season in Iceland. Feat. Gunnar Örn Tynes (of múm), Snorri Helgason, Irving Berlin, Stefán Jónsson, Humperdinck, Sigvaldi Kaldalóns, Einar Sigurdsson, Jon Sigurdsson, johanna G. Erlingsson, and others.
Galtarviti is a lighthouse that sits on a remote part of the westfjörds of Iceland. No phone, internet or tv make this place a very serene surrounding. It has been the muse of many icelandic artist throughout the years. múm have recorded there many times and the last couple of summers artist such as Ragnar Kjartansson, Sara Riel, Davíð Örn Halldórsson and many other have had art exhibitions there.
These 10 calming christmas songs were recorded at the lighthouse. All the money raised by this album goes to support Galtarviti lighthouse.

Hvíld og Ró: Gledileg Jol Fra Glatarvita

Hvild & Ro Hvíld og Ró
Jolasjor Hvíld og Ró
Hvit Jol Hvíld og Ró
Pad Bua Litlir Dergar Hvíld og Ró
Jolagolturinn Hvíld og Ró
Nottin Var Su Agaet Ein Hvíld og Ró
I Skoginum Stad Kofi Einn Hvíld og Ró
Jolin Allsstadar Hvíld og Ró
Hinstu Jol Hvíld og Ró
Old Lang Syne Hvíld og Ró

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