I-LP-O In Dub

Capital Dub Chapter 1

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  • LP: Includes download, printed inner sleeve
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I-LP-O in Dub is the solo project of Pan sonic member Ilpo Väisänen. Capital Dub Chapter 1 follows the 2015 debut Communist Dub - a year marked by further descent into economic crisis and instability. The usual business cycles of production / distribution / consumption running alongside macro cycles of boom and bust have been replaced by ossification, austerity, the machine seizing up.

Ilpo's “circular riddims” complement the ebb and flow of the circulation of money + commodities and are mirrored by his field recordings of Barcelona rain – the final phase of the cyclical movement of water. But of course the smooth running of “Paradise Capital” is unsustainable. Destroyed techno and open spaces contend with sinister swarming atmospheres. A cash machine flickers. Zeros and ones displace another factory. Dub as decay – the ghostly remains of tracks eroded by time and technology. The “invisible hand” of the market spasms with tremors.

Ferocious textural feedback as music for stock exchange crashes. The soundtrack to heaps of money hoarded by the hidden class. Capital is value in motion, but there is nowhere to go. After the collapse, picturesque ruins. Capital Dub Chapter 1 simply asks the question: what next?

I-LP-O In Dub: Capital Dub Chapter 1

Paradise Capital I-LP-O In Dub
Dark Money Ride I-LP-O In Dub
Hidden Capital I-LP-O In Dub
Devided Investments Complexity I-LP-O In Dub
Dark Money Dub I-LP-O In Dub
Invisible Hand I-LP-O In Dub
Grey Zone Economy I-LP-O In Dub
Developinism As Sollution I-LP-O In Dub
Fear Of Heaping Capital I-LP-O In Dub
Grace Of Collapsing Unhealthy System I-LP-O In Dub