Celestial Soul Portrait

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Before ambient and New Age were so named and codified, the “Paradise Music” of Iasos - represented here by 13 selections transmitted between 1975 and 1985 - brought Earth-transcriptions of a vast and galactic soundhealing to a planet much in need.

Inspired by the infinitely numbered harmonies transmitted by Vista, a benevolent being from a distant dimension, IASOS broke ground for a new age of electronic sound manipulation. His was pioneering work - done from a bohemian boat-slip home office - on some of the first commercially available synthesizers and, on stage, into the kaliedoscopic heart of psychedelic-era concert visuals. As life-affirming and attuned to spirit as Iasos’ soul portraits were, prestigious psychology departments heard in them the tones humans hear at the precipice between life and death.

Iasos: Celestial Soul Portrait

I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame Iasos 46''
Rainbow Canyon Iasos 7'00''
The Angels Of Comfort Iasos 10'59''
Blue Fire Realms Iasos 3'36''
Siren Shallows Iasos 2'24''
Crystal Petals Iasos 3'14''
Procession On The Horizon Iasos 4'36''
The Royal Court Of Goddess Vesta Iasos 6'09''
The Winds Of Olympus Iasos 10'55''
The Descent Of Spring Iasos 3'29''
Cloud Prayer Iasos 5'02''
Spring Temple Forest Iasos 6'23''
Crystal_White_Fire_Light Iasos 13'41''

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