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Reverser is a brand new 20 minute 12"EP that follows the bands two albums released by Kranky (Black Earth, 2011 and Recurring Dream, 2013).

Reverser contains two unreleased tracks from the Recurring Dream sessions with two newly recorded tracks. Although the works originate from different recording sessions these songs mesh beautifully, forming an overall warmth that travels through the group’s signature forest of dense fuzz. A weaving river of somber rhythms and subtle melodies makes the songs blissfully easy to latch on to while they remain deeply rooted in the worlds of drone and ambient.

Implodes is a Chicago group featuring Matt Jencik (live bassist for Slint and Papa M), Ken Camden (who has two solo albums on Kranky), Emily Elhaj (of Angel Olsen’s band and of Chicago band Mayor Daley), and Justin Rathell (of Chicago band El Mejor).

Implodes: Reverser

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