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"For us, some of the best nights out have been when you end up at a club and you don’t know the DJ or recognise a single tune. Clubs are all about not knowing, not knowing which record is coming next, how the feel of the dance floor will change hour-to-hour, which of your friends are coming, where you’ll go afterwards. In a club, the smoke and the half light are all about the suspense and the joy of the ambiguous.

In the half light, these are the things we find exciting, music with machines that still feels like it’s made by humans. Tunes with enough repetition to keep your feet happy, but enough surprises to keep your ears thinking. Records with mistakes. Ours is full of them. We love people who make you dance in a new way.
We want to keep something of that half-light on us too. So we’re Ed Cox and Raoul Marks, but maybe that’s all you need to know about us. As for our music, Daniel Avery signed our first record to Kill Em All and since then we’ve released a steady stream of EPs and remixes on labels we love: Rawax, I’m a Cliche, Throne of Blood, La Belle, Moshi Moshi and No Pain in Pop.
This is our first album. That it’s coming out on Desire, who released Ricardo Tobar’s Treillis is extra special for us. And we’re starting to play our first live shows. So maybe we might step out of the shadows just a little bit more.
-In Fields

In Fields: Phantoms

Feature Length In Fields
Speakeasy In Fields
Stage 14 In Fields
Serpentine In Fields
Get Loose In Fields
Out From The Cold In Fields
Rise Up In Fields
Rocco In Fields
To The Limit In Fields

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