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The sound work of Intersystems cannibalized stray bits of McLuhanism, psychedelia, Cagean experimentalism, and even the modernist gestural strains of nascent electronic music, yet it was all couched within a very particular DIY ethos. "Peachy" pushes the meticulousness of "Number One Intersystems" even further and, as such, represents a more balanced amalgam of Intersystems' various disparate stylistic and emotional elements. This edition of "Peachy" LP includes the correct tracks separations, timings and titles. Re-mastered by John Mills-Cockell. Mastered for cutting by Giuseppe Ielasi. Originally released in 1967

Intersystems: Peachy

Experienced, Not Watched Intersystems
Carelessly Draped In Black Intersystems
A Cave In The Country Intersystems
A Shower For Someone Else Intersystems
There Can Only Be Noise Between Us Intersystems
Let's Go Get Them Guns Intersystems
So They Took The Guns Intersystems
Friends Laughed At Him Intersystems
There Are No Human Voices Intersystems
Morelli At The Moment Of Electrocution Intersystems
Fancy Took Them Intersystems
From The Game To Pluck Intersystems

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