Here /There Played By

Hausmusik hm 067
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Versions, remixes and reinterpretations from Calexico, Corker/Conboy, Masha Qrella, Peter Thiessen, Sixtoo & Matt Kelly, Loopspool, Christof Kurzmann. Well well well, now iso 68´s Thomas Leboeg and Florian Zimmer have other people working for them. This might be due to their constant engagement in numerous side projects in and around Hamburg and Munich. Whilst busy producing a radio play with author Katja Huber for the Bayrischer Rundfunk and composing a spoken-word-piece for poems by beat poet Robert Lax, iso 68 asked some handpicked artist friends to remix tracks from their latest album "Here/There", one of our favourite long players from 2003. Remarkably enough, the artists involved did not just move around samples, some of them even recorded new tracks to the existing song parts. The resulting release is therefore not a typical remix record, it rather contains reinterpretations, sometimes closer, sometimes further from the original. Calexico, who iso68 supported on their 2003 tour in Germany and Scandinavia, contribute sunbleached, dusty Texan charm, absolutely transforming the flavour of this already classic tune. Monika's Berlin-based Masha Qrella, who opened for Calexico in the uk, weaves delicate beats around "Cosmic Bones", Loopspool adds bone-dry, danceable electronic beats and thus a whole new character to Iso68´s dream-like, nicely blurred sounds. One could go on raving about this release, as the remixes by Christof Kurzmann, Corker/Conboy, Sixtoo and Peter Thiessen give you every reason to... In short, iso68 can count themselves really lucky because only few remix records can offer tracks which approach the original as intelligently, coherently and respectfully as the artists did here. iso68´s beautiful, fragile tracks from "Here/There" ended up in good hands.

Iso68: Here /There Played By

Stoppages / Est Plus (Calexico) Iso68 7'14''
Baikonour (Masha Qrella) Iso68 4'24''
Zwei Engel Korrigiert (Sixtoo & Matt Kelly) Iso68 3'12''
Moontrain (Loopspool) Iso68 6'20''
Stoppages / Est Plus (Christof Kurzman) Iso68 5'37''
Zwei Engel Korrigiert (Corker / Conboy) Iso68 4'04''
Les Trains Avancent Comme Des Trains Dans La Nuit (Peter Thiessen) Iso68 4'43''

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