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This follow-up to last years immaculate 'Under Wood' LP has landed itself in our hands and has let the slim rays of sunshine in through the dense clouds. Surfing along similar territory to the likes of To Rococo Rot (Circa Cars) and embodying a clean, sparkiling production aesthetic that bears the stamp, if not the signature style, of the German electronica scene. ISO 68 is a collaboration between T. Leboeg and Florian Zimmer. The two have been experimenting with all kinds of electronic instruments (computer, sampler, keyboards). Combining them with drums they created a music which unlike many other electronic projects these days does not sound as if it came straight out of as freezer. The listener can hear earthy creaking, pleasant sounds. Here you hear a rhythmic scratching, then a strangly doted bass note, until an elegant, laid-back (catlike) drumpattern comes in, turning the tracks into an exciting delightful musical experience. The continuous repetitions carry these tracks into your stomach and from there directly into your heart. Automatically you close your eyes and start daydreaming, maybe you let the summer pass by once more, or you prepare yourself mentally for fall, staying at home making puzzles in a warm kitchen, inviting friends over for dinner or just being lazy. This music is like taking a short vacation, like being carried off, without actually leaving. Needless to say, that it can just as well be listened to in winter(or spring), when the sounds take on more the colour of crunshy snow under your shoes. Who knows? Immense.

Iso68: Mizoknek

Abteilung Algen Iso68 6'42''
Mizoknek Iso68 6'53''
Forsnahtsing Iso68 4'12''
Interna Iso68 6'11''
Catzen Iso68 5'25''
Pse Iso68 7'11''
Zwischenlichtern Iso68 3'41''
Rückkreuzung Iso68 4'16''

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