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Hands up, if you're bored of all the recent retro anankasms and crave for genuine pop music instead! Hands up, if you got time for the sort of music not dealing with elusive trends, music that does not lose itself in a theoretical discourse! Hands up, if you got time for music that wants to tell you stories (and that in case of doubt talks to you even instrumentally)!
Well, Jersey are new, though not unknown in the closely knit musical network spanning from Berlin to Munich. The band's members are: Marion Gerth and Florian Zimmer, two ex-members of Fred Is Dead while the latter now plays with Iso68, Max Punktezahl, who's known for his guitar work in bands like Contriva and The Notwist, and Noël Rademacher, former drummer of an early incarnation of Mina, who just has released his solo debut as a songwriter on Lok Musik. In 2001, they released their first song on Hausmusik's 10th anniversary compilation "Do You Think That I'll Be Different When You're Through?", followed by a remix for Ms. John Soda. Starting out as a project, Jersey has now become a proper band.
It has taken this record a long time to finally see the light of day. A fact not derogating the result at all. On the contrary; carefully fleshed out, clear arrangements, beautiful voices, relaxed and friendly beats, subtle electronic sounds, fine melodies. A pinch of melancholy and lots of timeless moments warming up chilled hearts. All of that is eternalised in ten songs which do not adhere to the rules of traditional Singer/Songwriter patterns, but search for their very own ways instead. Jersey are not stingy with great, emotional moments. Just listen to the uplifting brass section in "Slow Summer", or take the singing in "TV Dinner" and "Hold On": pure ear candy! The some times manic, yet healthy attention to detail makes this record an expedition all the way through. During the recording process, Jersey have been supported in the studio by a row of good friends like Christoph Brandner (LALI PUNA), Thomas Meinecke (F.S.K), Marion Dimbath (MERRICKS), Robert Merzdow (HELLFIRE) et al.
Jersey are refreshingly modern in an unpretentious way. Maybe it's because they don't have to prove anything to anyone.

Jersey: Jersey

Southwestern Jersey 3'42''
Boy With A Rifle Jersey 3'41''
Come To Me Jersey 4'21''
“1435” Jersey 4'52''
Tv Dinner Jersey 4'23''
Hold On Jersey 5'33''
Slow Summer Jersey 4'39''
Counting The People That Walk By Jersey 4'43''
28 Days Jersey 3'33''
Sleep On Souvenirs Jersey 4'15''

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