Joane Skyler

Serious Time

Ceramics CER001
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Serious Time is Joane Skyler's forth novel following 'orz' and the Skyler&Kinlaw LP on Reckno and 'SSSSSSSSSS' on Boomkat Editions.

Serious Time births you into a tangerine tinted-sci fi like inauguration of gently pulsating, rising and falling synths, you find yourself stumbling out of bed after a night on the alcoholic blue milk, opening your space blinds to multiple suns rising over some big pyramid building strewn in lights and a couple of flying cars knocking about the sky which is foggy probably. Load up all your favourite cubase (circa 1998) plug ins and run through them at a progressive velocity, tapping the ^ key repeatedly, until you reach enlightenment.

Joane Skyler: Serious Time

Qua Chh Joane Skyler
Basel Joane Skyler
Feeble Joane Skyler
Rng Rpg Joane Skyler
Mm Joane Skyler
OO Piano Joane Skyler
Sleep Spell Joane Skyler
Stench Joane Skyler
Quoit Joane Skyler
Qualm Joane Skyler
Waterfell Joane Skyler
Health Joane Skyler

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