John Maus


Domino RBN074LP
  • LP: Includes download, 2018 Re-issue
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'Songs' is Maus' debut, his life work, which was written and recorded at home over the course of five years. It's a twisted baroque pop record that brings to mind early 80's hits and coming-of-age movie soundtracks. Almost entirely electronic, the Maus sound is created from synthesisers, drum machine, bass and his remarkable vocals, which are pitched somewhere between Ian Curtis, Calvin Johnson and David Bowie.

The record is a manic lo-fi masterpiece, which blurs addictive melodies, emotive lyrics and dreamy soundscapes to memorable effect. Permeated by feelings of intense nostalgia, with this album Maus has created a testimony to lost romance and to longing. These combine in such a way to make the listener feel as through they have stumbled across a lost classic. Ambitious in his musical and thematic scope, Maus touches upon timeless subjects such as the conflict between the mind and body, unrequited love, death and eternity.

John Maus: Songs

Opening John Maus
Time To Die John Maus
Don't Be A Body John Maus
That Night John Maus
Real Bad Job John Maus
Forever And Ever And Ever John Maus
Maniac John Maus
Just Wait Til Next Year John Maus
I'm Only Human John Maus
Less Talk More Action John Maus
Through The Skies For You John Maus
Blowing In The Mind John Maus
Of North Of North Stars John Maus
It Takes Time John Maus
The Peace That Earth Cannot Give John Maus
And Heaven Turned To Her Weeping John Maus

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