Jupiter Jax

Urban Legends

Deeptrax Records DPTX002
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The second release from Deeptrax, features Jupiter Jax from Malta. A deep 4 story EP containing real Detroit vibes, pushing Carl Craig, Dan Curtin and Kenny Larkin sounds, beamed into today's world.

Sarting melancholic with lush sounds and firm beats, then slowly building into piano heaven. The other tracks are deep ethereal technoid trax with lush, conscious sounds and stomping beats, which is pushing the label into deeper, broader territories. Very Limited Edition, greatly analogue mastered by Thee J Johanz of Irdial fame.

Jupiter Jax: Urban Legends

Decadence & Decay Jupiter Jax
Outer States Jupiter Jax
CYFI Jupiter Jax
Times Of Dependence Jupiter Jax

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