Jupiter Jax


100% Silk SILK 072 LP
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The producer, real name Rudi Agius, hails from Malta, but conceived of Visions while completing his doctoral work in London. "My life was literally getting back from the lab and spending the night making some music," he says. "The gloom is something that I love." Agius, whose previous City Life '88 cassette also came via the Los Angeles-based 100% Silk, locked down Merwyn Sanders of Virgo Four and Xosar to collaborate on the record. Appropriately, the Jupiter Jax project falls somewhere between classic house labels like Nu Groove and Gherkin and newer leftfield imprints such as Workshop.

Jupiter Jax: Visions

Armed For Peace Jupiter Jax
The Light Jupiter Jax
The Deepest Jupiter Jax
Soul Searchin Jupiter Jax
Visions Jupiter Jax
Simple Pleasure Jupiter Jax
Beyond The Walls Jupiter Jax
End Of Time Jupiter Jax

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