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Following a few years of back-catalog recovery, K. Leimer has completed work on his first new solo album since The Grey Catalog. These ten new tracks follow an emergent arc, a refinement of the techniques he has used since Permissions. Highly tactile, with an emphasis on subharmonics, Re-enact sketches an antediluvian soundstage of deteriorating fragments scattered among still-recognizeable artifacts.

This multitude of points-of-collapse in textural, timbral, harmonic and rhythmic relationships, continually folds in on itself to reveal moments of inner coherence and cognition. Embedded throughout with a wealth of digital and analog detail, Re-enact sets a new post-ambient direction for Leimer’s work.

K. Leimer founded Palace of Lights in 1979. Leimer’s early work has recently been reissued by Autumn and RVNG, and his early cassette work is in the critically acclaimed VOD box set American Cassette Culture. Leimer has been actively producing music since the mid 1970s – his current catalog includes 17 albums plus two collaborative albums with Marc Barreca. Leimer’s work is included in the collection of The British Library.

K. Leimer: Re-enact

All That Follows K. Leimer
Forward Masking K. Leimer
Ordinary Music K. Leimer
Motion Study K. Leimer
Beside. On. After. K. Leimer
Folded Object K. Leimer
New Misfortunes K. Leimer
Re-Enactment K. Leimer
Backward Masking K. Leimer
In Memory, In Error K. Leimer

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