A Gap In Building

Sinnbus SR004
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:come us! cleave that pavement! break with yourself, set yourself in motion, betake yourself to the cliff, put an end to your silence, reconcile, step back. this berlin band brings the contrast between laughter and crying to light. all that is needed are a few inches of room and a little electricity. direct, diverse, stepless. songs for letting go. no one gets an amen for intelligence. kam as understand and are understood - differently, every time. the seekers will find: matter and substance, carefully balanced. and they'll crack under their weight. for a little while, everyone can be contained. music - TRIP ROCK: songs conserved in fragments. tricky beats missing amplification, ornative basslines and two independent guitars in the loop, dominated by somewhat folksy singing, at times in two parts. And then there is reverse thrust with fracturing noise walls or monumental powerlines. There is always something unfolding in the background, nourishing the evident.

Kam:As: A Gap In Building

Hegemonian Split Kam:as 5'57''
Gapfiller Kam:as 4'09''
Sun Or Moon Kam:as 5'53''
The Female Steam Machine Kam:as 7'38''
How To Embrace A Man Kam:as 7'49''
Rail Gold Kam:as 3'46''
That's Alake Kam:as 9'07''
A Haste'In Flood Kam:as 12'55''

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