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Concentrate on what is essential: Infinity. Here »Bric-A-Brac« is a guiding album. an ambiguous manual. It is vehemence, it is caution. Two voices in harmony caress the soul, raw screams chafe the soul. In constructing rock music, Kam As follow apply their very own logics. This quartet convolutes, this quartet loops, this quartet steadily and pressingly moves on forward, step by seven-league step. These boots are made to fit every foot. The follow up to the majestic hall of mirrors that was »A Gap In Building« enjoys taking strangers' hands. Kam As like to lead you around. They lure you deeper, they keep the tension, they promise a confusing enlightenment. Rhythms alternate, harmonies swirl around one another, hinting at pop patterns, destroying them eventually. Grande Finales make way for Grande Gestures make way for Grande Beginnings. This is how »Bric-A-Brac« works. We believe. Song by song, movement by movement, Kam As redefine their horizon. They push him further, they expand the field of view. From the lumbering catchiness of the opener »Sad Clown's Breakfast« to the warmhearted resignation of »Creature Tango«, from the rumbling reverie that is »Trans Am« to the eternity of »1000 Cannon Starliner« the variations become more daring. Structures are broken, the joy of experiences is nourished. »Bric-A-Brac«sets forth to the open sea, the heavens, your ego, darkness. There it resounds, there it leaves you. An absolute echo remains. And dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. »Bric-A-Brac« was recorded at Studio Bellevue, Berlin. Here, together with Thomas Kastning (Kate Mosh, Seidenmatt), the band managed to balance impact and wisdom. Again and again they rediscovered the joy of playing and the joy of playthings. They made attempts. They argued. It took them nine detours to settle their arguments. Nine detours that were to become a complete album. And thus, sinnbuSRecords hysterically and happily presents: »Bric-A-Brac«. An album for those that like exaltation. An album for those interested in fears and eternity, for those that can be baited with a promise of a confusing enlightenment. An album impossible for us to describe.

Kam:As: Bric-A-Brac

Sad Clown's Breakfast Kam:as 3'57''
Creature Tango Kam:as 4'13''
Don Dome Kam:as 8'27''
First Mute Kam:as 5'17''
Thumbling Kam:as 5'37''
I Ride A Rat Kam:as 4'13''
Trans AM To PM Kam:as 5'20''
1000 Cannon Starliner Kam:as 10'56''
Stairwalk Kam:as 10'43''

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