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Kam:as have arrived. After their widely sketched former albums the masterpiece seems to be on hand now. A monolith, sculpted from every possible elements: Kam:as - Neverstate.

Recorded mainly as a live band, taped by Tobias Siebert at BuellebrueckStudio (Phillip Boa, Kettcar and other), Kam:as attest to thier own maturity, the growth of one of the most curios, interesting and contradictory bands within our label roster and - yeah, right - in the whole country! With hearable ease Kam:as come up with something like an all-of-a-piece album, sounding that intuitive and constructed, that highly concentrated and unconstrained at the same time. Nine (or ten, if you count the track on the second CD) maniac songs, full of exciting bursts and colliding opposites span maths, commotion, philosophy and gaudy painting books, jumping from Sonic Youth to Deerhoof, from Breach to Beatles. Songs that more then ever provide a playground for the amply coloured singings enthroning in the middle.

The band's two poles - control and coincidence - have barely been kept together so far, only to break apart and to collect on their particular external borders by now. The more the band tried to define and locate each song and to get all parts in line, the stronger became the urge to counter, to look for experiments and fortuity which finally led to the last piece, the "hidden" and seperated one, the complete antithesis of the other songs.

Kam:as: Neverstate

Stratosphone Kam:as 6'49''
No Command For Access Kam:as 4'09''
Be Careful With That Hammer Kam:as 3'08''
The Grand Control Kam:as 4'14''
Fallout Kiss Kam:as 3'56''
Dumbo Queen Kam:as 5'36''
Tell'em To Lock Up Kam:as 3'53''
This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Ending Kam:as 5'18''
One Hour Hotel (Part I) Kam:as 9'13''
One Hour Hotel (Part II) Kam:as 41'59''

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