Kane Strang

Blue Cheese

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Kane Strang’s first proper album, Blue Cheese, picks up on the rough disaffection of his earlier demo collection, A Pebble and a Paper Crane, which he recorded in a WWII bomb shelter in Germany. Back in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, Strang spent two curious months alone, housesitting for his parents. Re-nested, yet still isolated, Strang composed all of Blue Cheese over those quiet days. Lead-off track “The Web” channels pummeling bass lines punctuated by a twinkling synth that calls upon microscopic pop principalities of restlessness (“Yeah, I met someone else / Without leaving my little house / No, I haven’t held her yet / I met her on the internet”). Its abrupt ending parallels Strang’s own disconnect.

“She’s Appealing” weaves Day-Glo guitar motifs into distant, detached ’80s garage pop vocals. “Never Kissed a Blonde” is driven by a slapping delay on both vocals and guitar. Strang’s path toward a melody is always surprising, and he never misses a hit-on-the-head-obvious-in-retrospect memorable line.

Kane Strang: Blue Cheese

The Web Kane Strang
Things Are Never Simple Kane Strang
Full Moon, Hungry Sun Kane Strang
Run Rings Kane Strang
What's Wrong Kane Strang
The Canyon Her River Carved Kane Strang
It's Fine Kane Strang
You Think Kane Strang
She's Appealing Kane Strang
Never Kissed A Blonde Kane Strang
Scarlet King Magnolia Kane Strang

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