Kate Mosh

Life Is Funfair

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Saying that a band sounds like the early nineties - is that really a compliment? Kate Mosh are breathing indie rock. Miniature smashers sans trumpery, rarely exceeding the three-minute limit, are pitchforking benevolence into your head. At last, the world is granted a band eager to shatter old layers of sediment, cautiously uncovering loveliness in the process. A band that does not settle for foolish and superficial posing. »It's about time! Hope is noisy and loud is love.« This is for friends. For the terrible day. For the beautiful day. For doubts and for all-out happiness. Shake a leg! Find joy in crying! When Kate Mosh talk about rock music, one may believe them. And trust them. For it’s not about pose or facade. It’s about a fundamental view on things: If the fuzz box is activated, it’s not so much because the chorus is at hand, but it is the expression of an attitude in principle. Noise is a question of mindset and a good many people are amazed. Kate Mosh seek within the plain form and find. With admiration a time of lovingly cultivated melancholia is being told of. And listening is worthwhile. One may find that at a certain point the delicately interwoven and the coarsely planed can be equal and equally enchanting. »You will want to throw your arms upward, like they do it in the movies. You will want to sing along. Let your fists punch the beat. Jump up and down. Play rock, play air guitar. Feel good. Just like that: Good.« This will take and shake you. Ease down your spine. Rock´n Roll, someone yells. And we answer: Music!

Kate Mosh: Life Is Funfair

Sandy Kate Mosh 3'10''
Do You Like Me Kate Mosh 2'07''
Kick Nave And The Sad Beats Kate Mosh 3'40''
Telepathetic Kate Mosh 2'17''
Fuck Hedonism - Or Sensibility? Kate Mosh 2'44''
Disappear Kate Mosh 3'16''
The Importance Of Not Being Recognized Kate Mosh 3'22''
Hugrug Kate Mosh 2'53''
International Leisure League Kate Mosh 2'40''
Hang On For A While Kate Mosh 3'47''
Gone Through Done Away Kate Mosh 2'10''
Down By The Lever Kate Mosh 2'11''
A Frown You Can Call Your Own Kate Mosh 2'31''
Cars, Escalators & Love Kate Mosh 3'34''

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