Katie Gately


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Having released a cassette for Blue Tapes and an EP on Public Information, Gately emerges from a DIY background, composing with found sounds and manipulated recordings of her own voice.

A balance act between auditory overload and captivating melodies, Color draws its lines somewhere between Doldrums (their anarchic Lesser Evil era) and vocal experimentalists like Julia Holter or Holly Herndon (though a lot more chaotic). ‘Sire' layers metallic percussion and sharp-edged synth arpeggios to a dense cacophony, ‘Tuck’ has her voice creating goose-like noises, echoing the wild brass concert underneath. Loosely attaching her raw chunks of sound to a patchy beat framework, she manages to barely hold its pieces together – taking us on a stomach-turning rollercoaster ride through her topsy-turvy universe of ideas.

Katie Gately: Color

Lift Katie Gately
Tuck Katie Gately
Sift Katie Gately
Rive Katie Gately
Frisk Katie Gately
Sire Katie Gately
Color Katie Gately

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