Keiji Haino

1973 Live - Milky Way

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The first vinyl issue of Keiji Haino’s Milky Way. Originally released as a limited CD in Japan in 1993, this release documents a blistering live performance recorded in Kyoto in 1973, five years before the formation of the first line-up of Fushitsusha, and eight years before Haino’s first solo album. Working with a mysterious set-up including primitive electronics, homemade acoustic instruments, piano and voice, Haino lets loose a single 48-minute psychedelic maelstrom, marrying the immersive echo-fields of kosmische music to the rough and ready hands-on feel of classic 1960s live electronics à la MEV or Ashley’s Wolfman.

Keiji Haino: 1973 Live - Milky Way

1973 live milky way 01 Keiji Haino
1973 live milky way 02 Keiji Haino

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