Kevin Drumm

Sheer Hellish Miasma

Editions Mego eMego053
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At last, Kevin Drumms classic 2002 album sees a full vinyl release. Crank it!

Utilising guitar, tapes, mics, pedals, analogue synthesizer and some computer assistance Drumm has concocted a sonic beast. In doing so one is taken on an intense journey of storming feedback, open audio onslaught and somewhat savaged sonics. The extreme end of anarchic electronics and possibly a hint of musical violence is present throughout the much of the disc. An essential release capturing Drumm at his most ferocious and most inventive. It’s an exhilarating, visceral test of endurance brimming with demonic humor and a tour of Drumm’s ever-expanding sonic palette.
For seasoned noise veterans, Sheer Hellish Miasma offers a bracing soundscape filled with exquisitely abrasive textures and more than enough hidden detail to warrant repeated listening – a distinct voice in the increasingly same-sounding world of abstract electronic noise. For everyone else, Drumm’s journey through the noisy underworld is likely to inspire fear or, in an optimistic case, fearful admiration. This reissue comes with an additional track, 'Impotent Hummer', taken from the same period. A 13 minute drone piece which draws the listener into the forthcoming blizzard.

Originally released 2002 on CD (Mego)
Reissued 2007 on CD (Editions Mego)

Kevin Drumm: Sheer Hellish Miasma

Impotent Hummer Kevin Drumm 13'01''
The Inferno Kevin Drumm 24'36''
Cloudy Kevin Drumm 5'18''
Hitting The Pavement Kevin Drumm 19'57''
Turning Point Kevin Drumm 3'32''

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